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Tywi Sports & Remedial Therapy with Barbara Fewster for Mind and body.

Welcome to Tywi Sports Therapy where it is the aim to offer you the very best in Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Swedish Massage plus Omni Healing and OB from India. Sports Massage Therapy and my other services are not just about performing better in your chosen sport or discipline as it's about a better quality of life. 

I thoroughly enjoy my work and the variety that comes from meeting individual client requirements, whether it be a injury, simple stress relief or relaxation massage.

I will always take time to listen to your needs and adapt the treatment accordingly.

We get our car serviced regularly, engine tuned, tyres checked, body work cleaned and polished. We wouldn't dream of neglecting it or leaving out trusty vehicle to rust. Yet do we afford ourselves the same care and attention? Of course we don't, but we SHOULD.

We are living longer than ever these days and it makes sense to have regular maintenance. We owe it to ourselves do all we can to be as mobile and independent as possible for as long as we can.